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1956 Chevy Parts

The 1956 Chevrolet boasted both design and mechanical updates. The “Hot One” got even hotter. Styling was fairly extensively revised with a sharper looking front grille and more chrome on the sides. This restyling of the grille resulted in a new American Automobile that looked more like a Cadillac. Mechanically, an optional 4 barrel V8 was rated at 205 horsepower and 225 horsepower was available with twin carbs. This made passing safer and was sweeter appeal. Even the old six cylinder was beefed up. The three familiar series, Belair, 210 and 150, now extended over 19 models, three more than in 1955. Other changes were to engines, two tone colors and there was a new body style this year, the four door hardtop. It was called the Sport Sedan and advertised as “embodying the youthfulness of a convertible, the practicality of a hardtop and the convenience of a sedan”. Customers at the time were demanding bigger, brighter cars with more power and performance, and they got it, and at a lower cost. General Motors knew that if a car was to sell well it had to look new, even if it wasn’t. Though 1956 was a transition year, the model did bring a number of firsts. But it cannot compare with the new offerings of the previous year or the succeeding one. The best was yet to come.