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1957 Chevy Parts

The 1957 Chevrolet is clearly the most popular collector car of all mass production cars built by the American Automobile Industry since the 1950’s. These models were advertised as “sweet, smooth and sassy!”. The styling was sweet; it’s new Turboglide transmission, smooth and the fuel injected 283 cubic inch V8, sassy. Twin hood rockets, larger windshield, pointed fin like rear quarter panels and a new grille were some of the new styling attributes. 1957 Chevy’s had the biggest and boldest look among low priced American Automobiles. Engineering upgrades included a big boost in horsepower, fuel injection and a new Turboglide automatic transmission with triple turbines. The 1957 Chevrolet, a future classic, was fresher and friskier from its own special look to its new Ramjet fuel injection. The development of Ramjet fuel injection on the Corvette and the 1957 Chevrolet prompted Chevrolet and General Motors advertising to claim and industry first in that famous ad headline “1 h.p. per cubic inch”. Although engineering changes were extensive, styling was even more important to sales. Styling on the 1957 Chevy was deliberately fashioned to make them look as large as possible since they were slightly smaller than their competition. With massive new front and rear bumpers and large grille and unique and distinct rear fins, all helped to make the car look much larger and lower. Anodized aluminum side body panels, the rear fins, front bumper and hood birds make the 1957 Chevrolet a popular choice for old car collectors today.