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1949-54 Chevy Engines and Parts

Get project cars out of the garage and on the road by choosing Eckler's for your Early Chevy engine needs. Without a good powerplant, restored cars are nothing more than fancy lawn decorations. As veterans of DIY automotive work since 1961, we know these vintage steeds deserve better. That's why we make and sell the largest selection of engine parts for Deluxe Chevy sedans and Advance Design trucks so you can drive them instead of just staring at them.

Drop-in Engines and Rebuild Components

Whether you want an easy solution or enjoy some grunt work, Eckler's can make it happen. We sell an assortment of Chevy crate engines that are even better than the original motors. Get a 1950 Chevy engine, 1953 Chevy truck engine or any other big block from that era. The builders take the original factory blueprints and add modern performance touches such as aluminum heads and roller cams. You'll have plenty of horsepower in a long-lasting drop-in package.

If you prefer to build or maintain your own engines, we can assist with that, too. Get a busted oil system flowing like a charm again with Early Chevy oil pump rebuild kits, filters, hoses and other lubrication parts. There's a large collection of OEM Early Chevy engine parts such as timing gears, roller rockers, harmonic balancer repair kits, motor mounts and engine gasket sets. Once the motor is humming, prepare it for a big show with an Early Chevy engine dress-up kit.

High-Quality Parts for DIYers

Eckler's is an officially licensed manufacturer of GM engine parts. This means many crate engines and parts are made in-house while meeting GM's specifications. If we can't build them ourselves, we've found a version made by a leading brand such as Proform, Holley, Competition Cams or K&N. Call our tech reps for answers to all your questions - they're available six days a week and are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.