Late Chevy Quick Tips

10 Cheap & Easy Restoration Tips

Sometimes the cash flow is up, sometimes it’s barely a trickle. Either way, you don't always need to throw huge money at your car to get it looking its best.

To prove the point, we’ve put together 10 cheap & easy restoration tips that will make a big improvement in how your car looks and how it comes across to others. These are things that are frequently overlooked, and they’re guaranteed not to break the bank.

So let’s walk through a few things that you can do at minimal cost to make your car stand out in a crowd. Grab your cleaning supplies and a can of elbow grease– let’s give the wallet the day off.

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POR 15 Tip

Coating your surface rusted floor pans with POR-15 is a great idea. First step is to scrape away all the old surface rust with a wire brush. After the dust/rust particles have been vacuumed up, thoroughly clean the surface with POR-15’s Cleaner/Degreaser. Next comes the Metal Prep (also from POR-15), then you’re ready to apply the Rust Preventative Coating.

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