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Air Conditioning and Heating

Classic Chevy Heating and Air Conditioning Parts

Part of staying comfortable behind the wheel is maintaining good temperature levels in the cabin. Eckler's Classic Chevy sells a large assortment of Chevrolet heating and air conditioning restoration parts that fit the vehicles of yesteryear. Hundreds of thousands of classic Chevys are still enjoying the open roads, track days or car shows. Their owners deserve to feel great as they drive these timeless vehicles. Whether you need a Chevy truck heater box or El Camino air conditioning parts, we are here to serve the DIY Chevrolet community.

Modern Parts for Classic Cars

Since 1961, Eckler's has been a leader in Chevy parts for repairs, restorations and customizations. Our part selection includes Chevy AC systems and heater systems. Buy a complete Chevy truck air conditioning kit or order individual parts to fix up vehicles already on the road. You'll also find lesser-known but still vital Chevy climate control parts such as blower control cables, air duct fender seals and vent repair kits.

Our OEM-replacement Chevy air conditioning and heating parts are officially licensed by GM for step-by-step restorations. However, driving a vintage car doesn't mean you have to settle for vintage temperature control. We offer performance parts that deliver modern heating and cooling while fitting into the factory locations. A Chevy AC compressor upgrade is especially important if you only drive your classic vehicle in the summer.

Trust the Restoration Pioneers

Because the Eckler's inventory is so big, there are many ways to narrow down your search. Use the category, model year and brand filters or the Add My Vehicle tool to locate 1957 GM air conditioner parts, full-size Chevy heating components and anything else on your to-do list. Our experts can direct you to the right parts as well and also answer tech questions, such as how to remove the heater core in a 1955 Chevy Bel Air. We are the original vehicle restoration company and continue to offer parts, prices and service our loyal customers swear by.