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Repair or restore your Chevelle with replacement shells and panels from Eckler's Classic Chevy.

Despite the Chevy Chevelle being a mid-sized offering, it had a distinctive Chevrolet look on top of that A body and became one of the company's best-selling lines. If you are working on restoring a Chevelle, no doubt that look is important to you.

That's why we carry Chevelle panel and body shell replacements that give you that authentic look. No matter what year or model you have, you can find that perfect Chevelle quarter panel replacement and much more.

Chevelle Body Panel Replacement

Make a classic mid-size Chevy look like it just came off the factory floor with Chevelle door panels and body panels from the industry's DIY restoration leader. Even though the Chevelle was one of the best-built cars of its time, most original vehicles have at least one rusted-out fender or dented door by now. Instead of combing through junkyards or trying to fabricate your own parts, trust Eckler's Classic Chevy for Chevelle quarter panel replacement, undercarriage repair and much more.

The Best Selection of Parts

Whatever you need for Chevelle body parts, start your search here. Begin with our fine collection of Chevelle exterior sheet metal. Fender patch panels, door shells, inner fenders, cowl panels and rocker panels are just some of the parts that are ready to ship. There's also an assortment of braces and supports that are often forgotten about until the exact moment you need them. Restore parts that go unseen by shopping for floor pans, trunk drop-off panels, gas tank braces and other Chevelle underbody sheet metal.

We carry parts for every Chevelle generation, body style and trim that ever left Detroit. Use the Add My Vehicle tool to find 1967 Chevelle convertible quarter panels, 1972 Chevelle trunk panels or a '73 Chevelle taillight panel. Some are already finished in popular Chevelle colors while others arrive ready to prime and paint for your custom project.

A History of Quality

Eckler's Classic Chevy has been a restoration leader since 1961 because we never settle for subpar products. As an authorized manufacturer of official GM restoration parts, we make hundreds of panels in-house that meet OEM requirements. You can also order body panels produced by fellow approved manufacturers such as Auto Metal Direct, Dynacorn and Sherman Parts. And unlike other companies that only have a small inventory on-hand, most of our parts are ready to ship within 24 hours so you can get your car off the jack stands and on the road.

So contact us today. Tell us about your Chevrolet Chevelle and your plans for it. We'll get you connected with the best quality body panel and shell replacements to help you get that Chevelle ready for a day of showing or a night of cruising