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It's important to make your vehicle go, of course. But when you get down to brass tacks, it's even more important to make it stop.

Bad brakes on your car or truck can cause serious damage to your property, your person and others. Poor braking can also cause serious damage to your wallet should you be hauled into court by a pitbull personal injury attorney.

The older your car or truck is and the more miles it's racked up, the more likely it needs some brake work. This is especially true for older vehicles with Stone Age braking systems. It's smart to check your brakes often and to do timely maintenance and repairs.

Best Brakes and Components

If your car or truck happens to be a Chevrolet, Classic Chevy can meet all your vintage Chevy brake system and component needs. We can help ensure your vehicle stops quickly when you need it to. At the same time, our brake components and systems match the originals in appearance and performance, so they are ideal for restorations as well as for repairs and maintenance.

We stock all kinds of Chevy brakes here, including disc brakes and drum brakes. Whether you're searching for brake parts for 1955 Chevy truck use or any Chevy or GMC truck made from 1947 to the present, you'll find them here. We also stock brake parts for vintage Chevrolet passenger vehicles like the Nova, Chevelle and the Chevrolet Tri-Five that rocked the world when these exciting models appeared in showrooms from 1955 to 1957.

In addition to disc brake and drum brake components, we have everything you will need for a brake overhaul, from bearing seals to master cylinders and parking brake kits. If you don't see what you're searching for, just shoot us an email. Our customer service staff will help you find it fast.

Brake Systems and Components

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