Trust Eckler's Classic Chevy for Chevelle engine parts that help that motor roar.

The Chevy Chevelle is a favorite model for restoration efforts, because of how many options it offers enthusiasts. They can pursue a stock rebuild for restoration, keeping it as authentic as possible, or they can pursue performance upgrades that improve fuel efficiency or power.

We carry a large line of Chevy Chevelle engine parts and components, many of which meet OEM standards, and all of which improve the quality of your Chevelle.

Chevelle Crate Engines and Components

Few things are more iconic in automotive culture than the look, sound and performance of a Chevy engine. Carry on this legend with the best Chevelle engine parts and accessories from Eckler's Classic Chevy. Even one faulty component in the powerplant can lead to the whole thing coming apart, so you don't want to trust your next rebuild to whatever's available at the junkyard. Instead, order officially licensed GM restoration parts and aftermarket parts from the pioneer or DIY restoration.

Power Up with Eckler's

We have a solution for every level of automotive experience and for your ultimate performance goal. Want reliable power with minimum hassle? A Chevy Chevelle crate engine is fully tested so it's practically ready to go out of the box. We have carbureted crate engines and modern fuel-injected engines that include the famed 350 V8 small block, LS 416 and LS3. Eckler's Chevelle engines are built to original GM specifications while Edelbrock power plants sometimes have performance intakes, dual quads, hydraulic roller cams and other parts to up the ante.

If you want to put together or maintain the powerplant yourself, we can help with that, too. Shop for cylinder heads, serpentine belts, valve springs, harmonic balancers and other precision-manufactured Chevelle engine components. Perform regular oil changes with our assortment of Chevelle oil and lubrication formulated to work with vintage motors. Your engine will look as good as it runs with Chevelle engine compartment dress-up such as valve covers, coil covers, air cleaners, gaskets and dipsticks. Many parts even have the Chevy bowtie logo to display your GM pride.

The Best Quality and Service

Eckler's Classic Chevy works with fellow automotive leaders such as Edelbrock, Proform, Holley Performance, Competition Cams and Vintage Air to bring our customers an unmatched selection. Upgrade your '69 Chevelle engine with expert assistance from a team of tech experts. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction before, during and after every sale.

Contact us today and tell us about your Chevelle. We love talking to fellow Chevy fans! We'll point you toward the best engine upgrades that help you restore your Chevelle exactly how you want.