Important Car Odors to be Aware of!

Dude, what’s that smell! -- 9 Important Car Odors to be Aware of!

No one knows your car better than you do. Ever little rattle, ping, squeak, you hear it and you diagnose it, and then get it fixed. Along with the sounds that indicate something might be wrong, you should be aware of the different odors and smells that could be telling you that you have a potentially dangerous problem.

1. Moldy Dust
That’s how some people describe the small of mildew and mold that has started to grow inside the a/c evaporator.

2. Sweet and Syrupy
If you smell something that is sugary and sweet, it might actually be engine coolant leaking from something related to your cooling system.
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3. Sulfur and Rotten Eggs
If your engine is running poorly, your catalytic converter will have trouble converting hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide. This could lead to the failure of your catalytic converter.
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4. Gasoline
First of all, this is a possible sign of a potential fire hazard. A gas leak may be occurring from the fuel tank or a fuel injector line. Do not let this continue without immediate attention.
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5. Burned Carpet
If you are driving along and suddenly smell something similar to the smell of burned carpeting, it may be a sign that you are having serious brake trouble. Get your brakes checked immediately.
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6. Burning Newsprint
This smell, similar to setting an old newspaper on fire, is usually the result of friction material slowly being burned off when your clutch starts to fail and slip.
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7. Burning Rubber
Hoses and belt drives can slip, and when they do they often end up rubbing against moving parts, like drive pulleys. Take a peek under the hood and see what’s happening.
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8. Hot Motor Oil
Burning oil smell is often the result of oil that has leaked on to the exhaust system. This is often accompanied by the tell-tale smoke coming out of the engine are and oil marks on the pavement under your vehicle.

9. Simply Disgusting
Nothing to be worried about, we assure you. Your stomach may turn, your eyes may burn, but it’s really just because you dropped some food on your last grocery trip and it rolled under the seat. Take a look under the seats and in the back and hunt for that elusive rotting head of lettuce. A little shot of odor eliminator will help clear that up.
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Whatever that smell is, there is one thing that’s most important to focus on – your safety. Take the time to investigate the problem, or get a professional to check it out for you, as soon as possible. Your car may be important, but so is your health and safety. We recommend you share this article with your fellow car enthusiasts so they can be more car aware as well.