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Rack and Pinion Steering Components

Classic Chevy Rack and Pinion Steering

Make a smooth turn at every intersection, hairpin or exit ramp with Chevy restoration steering components from Eckler's Classic Chevy. Nearly all Chevy models from the early 1980s onward use rack and pinion steering. This system, which converts the steering wheel's rotational motion into the linear motion that can turn the wheels, has many advantages for cars and small trucks. Still, you'll need the right parts to get the maximum benefits in your full-size Chevy. We carry OEM-fit rack and pinion Chevy parts for nearly every model produced since the late 1940s at the best prices.

High-Quality Chevy Steering Components

Classic Chevy will steer you in the right direction to get your vehicle turning the right (or left) way. Our Chevy rack and pinion steering kits contain all necessary parts and hardware to do an installation or replacement from scratch. Use the Add My Vehicle tool to find rack and pinion steering for a 1955 Chevy Belair, 1968 Chevy Nova, 2005 Colorado or any other model. If your vehicle has a recirculating ball steering system, you can upgrade to a modern unit by ordering a Chevy rack and pinion conversion kit. These systems (which typically require power steering) are lighter, give the driver a better road feel, have fewer moving parts that can break and are easier to repair.

Fix up Your Turning System

Should something break on an existing setup, we'll help you fix it. Shop for Chevy steering arms, racks, universal joints, hose sets and other components designed for the rack and pinion system. Call us if there's a specific part you're looking for or if you need assistance diagnosing a problem. As an authorized GM restoration parts manufacturer, we make many of the parts you see here. That's a big part of how we're able to ship 90% of orders within 24 hours. Shop at Classic Chevy and see why we've been a DIY leader since 1961.