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Proposal At The Bloomington Gold Show


By Fransisco Cruz, GM Authority

Michigan couple Steve White and his girlfriend, Melissa Justice, have known each other for 30 years. During the Bloomington Gold Corvette show, Steve decided it was time to pop the question, and he surely did it in style.

Here’s the short version of how it all went down. Steve had a pretty smooth game plan, with the only setback being an hour of heavy rain. When it finally ceased, Steve and Melissa headed to the track to have 2 laps worth of fun in a C7 Corvette borrowed from NCM. As everyone was exiting the track, Steve continued on down to Victory Circle. Then the moment came, and Steve got down on one knee, the rest is a wonderful love story that may make you smile, cry, or vomit… from the overwhelming cuteness that is.

We think the couple will make a happy family, each having a child from a previous marriage. It may be true that every couple wants to believe their relationship is different from everyone else’s, but when you get engaged at the heart of the ‘Greatest Spectacle in Racing,’ you really are extraordinary.

Here’s to Steve and Melissa!