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For owners of 1955, 1956 and 1957 Classic Chevys, we're your one-stop-shop for everything you need to restore, upgrade and modify your Tri Five Chevy. Whether you own a 1955-57 Chevy Bel Air, Chevy 210, Chevy 150, Chevy Nomad, Chevy Townsman, Chevy Beauville, 2-door or 4-door, hard top or convertible, we carry all of the parts you need. Our selection of parts includes sheet metal, seat covers, door panels, interior trim, body moldings, emblems, hoods, fenders, patch panels, suspension and much more. At Eckler's Classic Chevy you'll find we are "Chevy people" who care about your hobby! In addition to our wide range of Classic Chevy parts, we also have a membership club; Chevy Classics Club, that gives you an additional 5% discount, a great monthly magazine and more!

Tri Five Chevy Parts

Initially, General Motors executives wanted an entirely new car for 1957, but production delays necessitated the 1955--56 design for one more year. Ed Cole, chief engineer for Chevrolet, dictated a series of changes that significantly increased the cost of the car. These changes included a new dashboard, sealed cowl, and the relocation of air ducts to the headlight pods, which resulted in the distinctive chrome headlight that helped make the '57 Chevrolet a classic. Fourteen-inch wheels replaced the fifteen-inch wheels from previous years to give the car a lower stance, and a wide grille was used to give the car a wider look from the front. The now famous '57 Chevrolet tailfins were designed to duplicate the wide look in the rear. Bel Air models were given gold trim: the grille, front fender chevrons, hood, and trunk script were all rendered in anodized gold. The 1957 Chevrolets did not have an oil pressure gauge or a voltmeter.[1] The base engine was an inline 6-cylinder called the Blue Flame Six. The engine was smoother running than the V-8. Carburetion came from a single one-barrel carburetor.

1955 Chevy
The 1955 Chevy was the 1st of the Chevy Tri-Five series and the first Chevy to come with a V8 engine (265 cubic-inches) since 1918. It introduced many features that would become popular in cars from the 1950s. The 1955 Chevy included three basic models: the Bel Air, the Two-Ten, and the One-Fifty and 16 new body styles. Of course, '55 was also the first year for the Nomad.

1956 Chevy
The 1956 Chevy was still the same basic design and was a carry over model from the 1955 Chevy but had some major styling changes in the grille, trim and other accessories. Some of those changes included redesigned front and rear fenders, a full width grille, redesigned side trim, larger rectangular parking lights, and a hidden gas cap that was behind the left taillight.

1957 Chevy
The 1957 was the last of the Tri-5 Chevy series that included large tail fins, twin rocket hood design, more chrome, tri-color paint and a larger available 283 cubic-inch engine. Though based on the 1955 and 1956 Chevy, the 1957 had sharp but tasteful tail fins that a year later would dissolve into the low and curved rear fenders of the totally restyled 1958 Chevy.

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