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1st Generation Camaro: Roof Rail and Cowl Weatherstripping Installation

pic-5aA simple and inexpensive way to tighten and seal up your Camaro is to replace the weatherstripping. This cowl and roof rail weather stripping will give a tight seal that cuts down on wind noise.

Parts Needed:

    • WS-4: 68-69 Roof rail weather strip with molded ends

    • WS-100: 67-69 Hood to cowl seal

    • WS-99: 67-69 Roof rail replacement button retainers

    • 88-0277-3: 67-69 Caulking strip kit

Time Frame: 2 Hours (approx.)

Tools Needed:
Phillips screwdriver

In this tech article we will install the roof rail and cowl weatherstripping on a first Gen Camaro. The roof rail weatherstripping starts at the front of the door jamb on the body, goes up the A-pillar, across the roof rail above the door and quarter glass, and ends at the rear bottom of the quarter window. The cowl seal fits across the top of the cowl and seals the hood to the cowl. By replacing these seals, it gives the car a tight feel and cuts down on wind noise.

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With the new roof rail weatherstripping and cowl seal, your Camaro will not only look good, but with less wind noise– it will sound great too!