Racing Cops

Racing Cops

Let’s talk about doing really, really stupid things. Like racing cops – ever done that? By accident I mean, of course. I’m not talking about squaring-off against a marked cruiser at a set of lights– that would just be suicide. I did however, put on an “exhibition of speed”, right in front of an unmarked Chevy Tahoe police unit.

Tahoe-police-unitI had no idea at the time it was a law enforcement vehicle. The truck was completely plain Jane, devoid of any tell-tale “I’m gonna git you” cues. And the officer behind the wheel actually prompted me (well, in my mind anyways) to “get on it”. He was following too closely for my liking, for no apparent reason, so, I decided to leave him in my dust. Not once, oh no, but a few times. Of course, while I was ripping through the gears, I had zero clue who I was playing with. It wasn’t until I saw the Tahoe abruptly change directions, all its pretty blue LEDs blinking spasmodically, and pull over a run-of-the-mill pickup truck (who in my opinion, was only exceeding the speed limit by perhaps 10 mph), that reality set in. Thumping heart, sweaty palms, thank you God oh thank you for that break, I will never ever speed again. Why did the officer leave me alone? Dunno. Maybe he liked the rumble of my dual exhausts. Maybe it was because (even though I was obviously far exceeding the speed limit) I wasn’t weaving in and out of traffic. Maybe he just liked my car. Whatever the reason, I got a break that day, big time.

I do not advocate speeding or driving in a reckless manner. But as we all know, sometimes horsepower gets the better of us.

How about you? Any similar (or crazier) stories to share? I’m sure you have one. You don’t even have to use your real name– I won’t tell, promise. Use the comments section below.