87-SuburbanWho doesn’t like trucks? No matter what kind of car person you are, chances are you’re also a truck fan. People don’t look at trucks and say, “um nope, I’ve never really liked them”. In fact, in certain parts of the country, you’d get a whuppin’ for saying something like that. Trucks are about as “pure American” as it gets. And really, what’s not to love? They’re big, bold, brawny and brash. They can haul just about anything and have enough torque to rip out stumps. You (usually) don’t worry about getting your truck dirty. A parking lot door ding isn’t cause for an embolism. Inclement weather? Who cares! And, whether you realize it or not, you are kind of making a statement when you drive a truck. Thrifty fuel economy? Not a chance. Let’s face it– you’re not going to be smiled upon by the Be Kind To The Earth folks, but typically they’re the first ones to ask you to help them move.

90-GMCThere are two kinds of truck owners. The kind who actually use them for work or play, and the crowd who just likes all that size and power. Years ago, when I used to live out in the country, I fell into both of those categories. I used my 1990 GMC ¾-Ton 4x4 pickup to plow snow and, from time to time, yank “mere” cars out of icy ditches. In the nice weather, I used it to haul sod and other landscaping materials. And then, when I cleaned that big black truck up, it looked classy enough to take my wife out on the town.

If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, I have to tell you– there’s a sense of pride in truck ownership. Other than the aforementioned GMC, I’ve had a few other gas-sippers in my stable over the years. An ’87 Suburban, an ’88 Blazer, an ’84 F-150, a ’98 Ranger and a 2004 F-150.

98-RangerCrazy truck stories? When you drive a truck, part of you tends to think you’re invincible. I took my old GMC off-road a few times. Once I buried it axle-deep in mud and had to get winched out by a tractor. I also loaded so many boulders in the back of my Ranger that I twisted the bed. And I learned the hard way that a big 4-wheel drive pickup doesn’t necessarily stop faster on black ice.

I’ve gone back and forth with trucks over the years. I drive one for a while, then want a sporty muscle car again. I buy the muscle car and a few months later, miss that truck. It’s all part of the car crazy people’s curse. One of these days I’ll have one of each, and life will be complete.

How about you? Would love to hear your truck stories!

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