Customer Ride: Uncle Tony’s 1956 Chevy

Uncle Tony’s 1956 Chevy

I bought my 1956 Chevy 15 years ago in Tennessee from the original owner. I've been a "Tri-5" guy and car nut my entire life. My father owned a service station when I was young. There, I would spend much of my time after school. I used to play a game of trying to know what kind of car was coming into the station. After a while I could identify just about every car. Now my boys, my grandson, and my favorite nephew have a great knowledge of ID'ing cars from a distance. My father was a Chevy guy too.


I searched for over a year for a ’55, ’56, or ’57 Chevy. The 1956 Chevy was less popular here on Long Island, so when someone in my car club told me about this one, I jumped on it. She was tan with a 400 small block and a 400 tranny. The price was right, so she was sitting in my driveway in one week.

About 5 years ago she went in for a paint job and new interior. My wife picked the color combo and we get so many compliments. Still running the same drive train we attend many show here in New York.

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