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Tri5 1955-57

Street or strip, this ’57 Bel Air rules ’em both

In 1957 I traded a ’54 Ford Crestliner and $1200 for this ’57 Bel Air 2-door hardtop. Black with a black/silver interior along with a 270 horse, 2x4 barrel set up, 3-speed tranny and a 3.55 single track rear end. This was in February of ’57, and the only drag strip open that time of the year was Yello Belly Drag Strip in Grand Prairie, Texas. The car ran 16 seconds flat at 90 mph crossing the finish line in second gear. This was our family car until 1960, then we purchased a 1959 station wagon.

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1955 Chevy Two-Ten: The Replacement

As a teenager growing up, I was always around cars. My daddy was a car salesman and one of my uncles ran a junkyard. Through the years, I had a '56, '57, and '58 Chevy. I always wanted a '55, but never had one.

When I retired in 2010, I sort of got serious in my desire to have a '55 Chevy.

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Customer Ride: Uncle Tony’s 1956 Chevy

I bought my 1956 Chevy 15 years ago in Tennessee from the original owner. I've been a "Tri-5" guy and car nut my entire life. My father owned a service station when I was young. There, I would spend much of my time after school. I used to play a game of trying to know what kind of car was coming into the station. After a while I could identify just about every car. Now my boys, my grandson, and my favorite nephew have a great knowledge of ID'ing cars from a distance. My father was a Chevy guy too.

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1955 Chevy Two-Ten Wagon: The Texas Hauler

1955 Chevy Two-Ten Wagon: The Texas Hauler. There was a time – a long time, actually – when station wagons were not cool. In fact, they were shunned by collectors. At best, they were useful to enthusiasts as parts sources for two-door hardtops and convertibles. That attitude changed roughly a decade ago, and now the “lowly” station wagon is desirable. One of those once shunned family and cargo haulers is shown here – a 1955 Chevy Two-Ten. However, it is a bit cooler than it was originally, thanks to some modern updates.

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1957 Bel Air 4-Door Sedan: Black Beauty

How a childhood dream brought a ’57 Bel Air 4-Door Sedan home to Norway

The original owner of Black Beauty, Mr. Anton L. Carlzon of Flint, Michigan, ordered the car the year he retired from General Motors. He followed it down the assembly line as it “got it all together”. Equipped with the 6-cylinder Blue Flame engine and a Powerglide transmission, the Bel Air 4-door sedan was sold via Summerfield Chevrolet in Flint, MI, on July 18, 1957. It bore the plate number KR1535.

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1957 Chevrolet Convertible: Dream Bel Air

I purchased this 1957 Chevrolet Convertible from Chevy Classics’ member Rod Fisher in 1998 in Grand Island, NE. It was a frame-off restored car, painted black with red/silver interior and was nearly finished. The body was wavy, which is not good in any color, especially black. I assumed it hid plenty of Bondo. My plan was to strip it, repaint it with a show quality paint job, then send it to Barrett-Jackson as a quick flip.

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