Here’s an interesting discussion – hobbies. Since you’re reading this, classic cars are obviously one of yours. Are they at the top of your “hobby list”? Meaning, out of all the things you’re interested in, do they hold the Numero Uno spot? They do for me. But my interest isn’t just classic cars – I’m an overall car junkie. I enjoy reading Car and Driver just as much as reading about vintage iron. But cars are not my only bag. I’m also into military aircraft, hockey, model railroading, golf, hiking and stamp collecting. Talk about diverse! If you’re shaking your head right now, I understand. I even confuse myself sometimes. My “collection of collectibles” at home is pretty much a mixed bag of kits, static displays, posters and albums, all relating to that aforementioned hodgepodge. Crazy I know, and I seriously do not have time to devote to all of it. But it’s what I’m into, and when I can, I like to lose myself in as much of it as possible. Current projects include building AMT’s 1/24th scale ’69 Chevelle convertible, constructing a G-scale model railroad diorama, and putting the finishing touches on my A-10 Warthog kit. And, I work full time!

Chevelle-model-itHere at Eckler’s, I’ve made many friends who also have a multitude of interests outside the classic car realm. My boss is also a marathon runner and an avid online memory book maker. And our Corvette brand manager loves (in addition to all things Corvette), fishing, boats and trains. I guess we can’t complain that we have no spare time on our hands. After all, it’s of our own choosing to get so involved in all these other pursuits. But hey, that’s what makes life interesting! How about you? I’d love to hear what else you folks are into in addition to this fine old classic car hobby we share. Feel free to use the Comments section below!


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