Jake Farley’s 1981 Camaro


My buddy’s dad bought the car in ’81 drove it for about 10 years. Then he got a new car in ’91 and let it sit until 2013, when his kid turned 16. They got it running and he drove it for 2 years. The car was then sold to a guy I work with in May of 2015, but he just let it sit. So I gave him an offer and got the car the same day, which was just 2 days ago (November 15, 2015). The reason I bought it is because I love the 2nd generation models I had been wanting one since I was about 14 (I’m 18 now). The reason I really like it though is because I paid for it myself and I’m ready to get this bad boy on the streets. It has a 350 in it but there is a knock in the engine, I also need a new driver’s side door and front bumper. It has about 93,000 miles on it.